Alisa Iwagishi

The Jungle Book


The 2016 release of ‘The Jungle Book’' is a faithful retelling, but reimagined in a visually stunning and immersive way. We needed to create awareness and interest in ‘The Jungle Book’ to drive ticket sales and position the film as a ‘must see’ by building on audience's’ knowledge and connection with the story grounded in the original animated movie. One of the main challenges to overcome was the lack of connection and relevance to kids today.



I worked as part of a team to create content for Instagram promoting the release of ‘The Jungle Book’ in Australia and New Zealand.



Motion Graphics
Art Direction
Digital Design



Carmela Soares – Creative Director
Holly Langford – Art Director
Lauren Moran – Art Director
Fraser Nelson – Copywriter
Max Bengtsson – Copywriter
Alisa Iwagishi – Designer