Alisa Iwagishi

Code Like a Girl


Code Like a Girl is hoping to change the currently male dominated tech industry by running events and workshops for girls to inspire more girls to learn to code. Overall it's about coming together, making new coding sisters and being there to support one another, help build each others confidence in what can sometimes be a daunting industry to work in. The challenge is to create awareness and interest for Code Like a Girl and get girls to their events.


As a designer for Code Like a Girl I design assets that are used to promote some of their events. For each event I create a short motion graphics piece that is posted on their social media pages as well as a static version that is used on various other online outlets including their website and the ticketing website for the events.

Code Like a Girl is a great client as they are not only a great initiative that I am proud to support but they also give me complete creative freedom.



Motion graphics
Art direction
Digital design

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