Alisa Iwagishi

Heyday Festival


Heyday Festival is a multi-arts festival based in Cairns showcasing music, performance and exhibitions. The challenge with to develop an identity for a brand new festival that was still being conceptualised and had very little budget.



As the Graphic/Web Design Coordinator for the festival, I developed all of the brand’s identity including print, web, social media and merchandise to market the festival nationally. Cairns is a very small city with an under-developed creative culture so it was fun designing something that stood out from the rest of the advertising around the city.

Heyday Festival was targeted at young adults so I designed the identity to be fun and playful through the use of colour, texture and fonts. As a bonus, I got to meet and hang out with the awesome young creatives that collaborated to help make the festival a success in the community.



Art Direction
Brand Identity
Print Design
Web Design